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Criminal background searches can be completed by State, County or Federal levels. Canada and International searches are also available. We have speedy turnaround times with most searches being returned within 24 hours all while maintaining accuracy.

Benefits of Conducting Background Checks

Performing background checks on applicants is an effective way to discover potential issues that could adversely affect your business in the future.

  • 85% of employers report finding misrepresentations on a resume or job application
  • 57% of employers say the leading benefit of conducting background checks is a better quality employee
  • 77% of employers say background screening uncovered issues that wouldn’t have been caught otherwise

Some businesses have misconceptions that pre-employment background checks are only for checking an applicant’s criminal records, but we also perform more in-depth services. We can research an applicant’s education record, work history, driving history and more.

Including pre-employment background checks into the hiring process has a lot of advantages for your company or organization.

  • Pre-employment background checks improve the quality of the hiring process
  • Pre-employment background checks help you choose the right applicant for your company
  • Pre-employment background checks help reduce retention costs
  • Most importantly, it allows you to maintain the safety and well-being of your employees and customers.

In order to have a successful hiring process, you should include pre-employment background checks for every applicant in the hiring process. Competition for the best candidates in today’s economy is extremely competitive with the low unemployment environment.

Here are three primary reasons employers should conduct some level of background check on an applicant.

  1. Due diligence and liability: Background checks help avoid liability and negligent hiring lawsuits. Negligent hiring lawsuits are defined as when an employer does not conduct a background check and hires an employee that commits a crime at work similar to a crime they have committed in the past.
  2. Job related information: Background checks gives you a complete picture of a potential applicant.
  3. Work-place safety: Protect your current employees and customers from potential harm.


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