ESI’s Employee Monitoring Service

Continued protection for your employees, customers and company against fraud, theft, and negligence retention lawsuits.

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Employee Monitoring

Prior to hiring a job candidate, you did your pre-hire due diligence, spending time and money to ensure that you knew who you were hiring and you thought the candidate a good fit for the position and company. But what about ongoing screening of your employees?

Employment Screening, Inc. offers a post-hire monitoring system that proactively and efficiently manages workplace risk via Employee Notification Alerts. Our post-hire services continuously monitor your workforce with comprehensive risk alerts on employee criminal behavior that increases risk and liability. Criminal behaviors such as DUI, assaults, fraud, theft, drug arrests and much more are what our employee monitoring system covers.

Did you know…. that the US Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that after four years of employment, 10% of employees will have been arrested twice.

ESI’s Employee Monitoring Services can help provide the information your company needs:

  • Criminal Records

  • Sex Offender Records

  • Sanctions, Exclusions and Actions Lists

  • Prohibited Parties List

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