Laboratory Certifications

ESI’s drug testing partners provide customized solutions your company needs to operate safely and effectively. We deliver more than just test results. Our partners are committed to the drug testing industry and provide you with the superior quality, responsive service and advanced information systems you want and need.


ESI’s drug testing partners toxicology labs are held up to the highest standards in the industry. All labs used have received their Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Certification from the Department of Health and Human Services. They maintain all required state and federal certifications.

Internal Proficiency Testing Programs to Ensure Accuracy

Accreditation requires that our partners be enrolled with several agencies which provide proficiency testing specimens to our laboratory.

Following are the programs that submit specimens to the Substance Abuse Testing Division:

• National Laboratory Certification Program (SAMHSA)
• Forensic Urine Drug Testing (CAP)
• New York State Proficiency Testing
• Pennsylvania Proficiency Testing for Drugs of Abuse
• Florida Proficiency Testing for Drugs of Abuse

Additionally, they are constantly involved in unique testing programs to challenge and track all aspects of the testing process, from specimen arrival through final billing. They receive several hundred specimens each month submitted as blinds to the laboratory along with incoming specimens. These specimens are specially designed to challenge accessioning, laboratory testing (including adulteration), reporting and billing procedures.

Results are reviewed as a part of the company’s formal quality program. This program is an integral part of our partner’s commitment to continuous quality improvement.