In today’s competitive job market, not all applicants are completely honest about their qualifications. Some job seekers may make slight or even extremely exaggerated claims about their employment, position, education or professional license in hopes the employer will never verify the legitimacy. When hiring a qualified employee is crucial for your company or organization, you do not want to find out later that the person you hired did not possess the knowledge or skills that they represented on their job application. This will cost your business money and time.

Our credentialing services include:

  • Checking employment histories
  • Verifying educational degrees
  • Verifying professional licenses

When an unqualified applicant is not able to perform the necessary job requirements, this will negatively impact your company’s bottom line, potentially requiring you to start the hiring process over again. By letting ESI verify your applicants qualifications, you will help your company and staff avoid the possibility of hiring someone who does not meet the qualifications for your company’s open position.

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