Blog by Sherri Justin 


A study was conducted by one of the world’s leading laboratories of drug testing services and diagnostic information services, to analyze positive rates for workforce drug testing.  It was found that an analysis of over ten million drug test results show an increase in marijuana positive test results across all industries.  Post-accident test results also have increased in the general workforce.  The overall positive test result rate hit a fourteen year high in 2018.  As marijuana laws are changing, employers need to consider policy changes to protect their employees and customers.    

Positive drug test rates for opiates, heroin and cocaine declined across the general workforce.  This decline was the largest drop in three years.  Employees of Federal safety sensitive positions had an increase in positive drug test results.  The increase was noted in post-accident situations suggesting that a negative test result was initially obtained by a pre-employment drug test and the employee ultimately used drugs during the employment.  

There is a rise in specimens being reported as invalid.  The cause for a specimen to have an invalid result is that donor tried to “cheat the test”.  The urine is invalid due to inconsistency with normal human urine being that it was tampered, adulterated or substituted.  The percentage of invalid results jumped 80% in Federal safety sensitive jobs and 40% in the general workforce.   

Random drug testing is a good way to help screen your employees on a consistent basis.  Sometimes the cost of a simple drug test far outweighs the costs involved with accidents and workers compensation claims.  Having a proper Drug Free Workplace Policy Drug Testing in place can help save on recruiting costs by screening only qualified candidates.  Drug testing can also lower absenteeism by deterring the employee from using drugs outside of working hours which can leading to missed days of work.  Healthcare costs and premiums can possibly be lowered by implementing drug testing as part of your hiring process.  

The cost of not drug testing could cost your company additional expenses while the savings of implementing a drug testing program could not only save money, but make your business a safer place to work.